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LogoOnlySculpture Concepts production facilities are located in the picturesque California foothills of Yuba County, in the agricultural community of Marysville, and we are celebrating over 28 years in the manufacturing of fine sculptured products.

We enjoy working with several of the top industrial artists in the country to create many different kinds of sculptured products for you to enjoy. All facets of the creative, molding, and manufacturing process are done “in house” by a team of talented and skilled professionals, beginning with stunning fine physique bodybuilding sculptures, sports figures, limited edition fine art sculptures, to unique beer tap handles.

You can choose ready made items from our many product lines or we can create a custom piece for you, to your specifications. In the competitive climate of the beer industry, it is important have a strong presence in the market place. The award winning, unique, eye catching tap handles we make have helped many small breweries expand their sales when penetrating new markets. People recognize and appreciate quality.

The majority of our pieces are made from pressure cast polyester resin which gives us a durable, detailed part. The castings are then hand painted by skilled artisits to produce the creations you can see on this web site. We do use other materials such as urethane when a particular application demands. Thanks again for taking the time to visit our web site. More that anything, we enjoy hearing from our customers. Please feel free to take time to give us your opinions.

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Sculpture Concepts